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Please Help!....Soggy clutch pedal on 2000 Legacy Wagon

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Dear all,


For the past 18 months i have had problems with a 'soft' or 'soggy' clutch pedal. The problem is intermittent and when present, the clutch feels very soft and has to be pressed all the way to the floor in order to change gear. This is a huge change to the firrst few years of the cars life when the clutch was very firm with a high bite point.

I have had the master cylinder changed twice by an independant mechanic, but the result has been little change. On one occasion, after not having driven the car for two weeks, the clutch peddle started to stick and would not return unless you pulled it up with your foot. I went in to the subaru dealer today to enquire about the problem but they were less than helpful. They said the slave cylinder needed to be changed too, but that is contrary to what i have heard...that the slave cylinder rarely goes bad??


Any suggestions anyone??

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Guest lothar34

Hey! Mine does that too!


It usually happens if the car is warm, gets shut off for a few minutes (maybe 10min - 1hr) then gets started again. Or if I get stuck in really bad stop & go traffic.


If you find out what's causing it, lemme know.

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sounds like a bad slave and/or master cylinder


worn slave cylinder - when warm can act up

and make the clutch pedal go soft... aka go to the floor


it's best to swap slave and master at the same time

they usually crap out together.


slave cylinders rarely go bad?

i beg the differ ;)

we have a shelf full of them - reason? they are a wear item, and wear out


hope this helps.


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Not one, but TWO TSBs on the general subject.







They were published mainly because when this happens the pedal can stick to the floor and has to be pulled out for it to function correctly, but if read the articles it also talks about the spongy feel. They seem to heavily blame the hose and the slave, but also say you may need to replace the master.


Also, from what we just went through two weeks ago, it seems the dealer is the only place to get parts.



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and hose. It did not give me the results I wanted so I changed the master too. I think that was about a year ago and it is still fine.

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