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Hi everyone! I am new to this website and would like to thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


I had my oil changed on my 94 legacy last Sun,(it was running perfectly) the next day it seemed to be running a little bit more "zippy" I had also had the Serpentine belt changed so i thought it might be why, hum.Now i have a ticking noise coming from the engine (top area).The general thoughts i am getting from friends is that a lifter went out,i have no idea what caused this, the car only had 28,000 miles on it and i have done all the required maintnence on it.I changed the oil again to see if maybe that would help and when i drained it , it was like water and there was about 6ish quarts in the car.(i thought it only needed 4) could this be what caused the ticking?

Also how do i fix the ticking?


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hi, i am new here too and posted for the same reason, ticking noise. i have an '02 outback with 30,000 on it, and i had just bought it, and just had my first oil change with this car. i posted this on a diffent thread, but i pasted here for you, read below,


ok, i finally got the car in last friday to a subaru dealership/garage. it was the soonest i could get it in, i had been driving it since saturday, when the oil change had taken place. the car had oil in it, i called the dealer that changed the oil, (this is the dealership i bought the car from, my first oil change since buying was free, so i took it there to do the oil change), anyways they told me they didn't put t subaru filter on the car, that they used an after market filter and that i should take it to the subaru garage about a mile down the road from them.


they had the car all day friday and about 3:30 i got the news, quite to both the mechanics and my surprise, i need a new engine!!!!


he told me that "the engine had been flooded with oil" and that the pistons weren't able to operate properly and were "slapping"


the car wasn't running poorly either, it has 30,000 miles on it and was running perfecting up until the oill change, then the ticking started.


the subaru dealership gave me a loaner for the week and everything is covered under warranty so i have to pay for nothing. i haven't called the dealer who changed the oil yet. subaru was considering it but then told me that they "didn't even want to bother with nissan right now" so, either there isn't enough evidence nissan messed up, or it's just a write off for subaru.


but subaru has been great! i hope it continues. and with only 30,000 miles on the car, it gets a new engine.

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our cars have hydraulic lash adjusters...sometimes they get stuck...before dumping a bunch of detergents in your oil that will eat your gaskets and seals, take the valve cover off, find the stuck one (they look like little barrels sitting ontop of your valve train)(it will be obvious which one is busted...when you push on them a "good" on will move up and down). Take a small rubber mallet and give it a little tap....worked for me!

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