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Help Troubleshooting 91 Legacy

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Hi All,


Before I take it into the shop tomorrow, I thought I'd ask knowledgeable folks about this.


Car: 91 Legacy L Wagon

Miles: 142,500


A couple of weeks ago after gassing up (cheap gas, too) I noticed my car would sputter at an idle. The car would occasionally sputter while driving regularly or on the highway. The sputter was not consistent - it would occur for a little bit, and then stop. On the highway, I would give it some gas and it would sputter badly - other times it would just run great.


I changed the fuel filter and the problems didn't subside. I ran a couple of tanks w/ Chevron 1-tank-fix-all injector cleaner. No difference. I ran HEET in case it was water in the tank. No luck.


I've switched from cheap gas to decent gas - no noticeable change.



This past weekend - drove the car to Oregon and back - nothing in terms of increased problems. Yesterday had the oil changed - car still running the same.


Last night the problems seemed to get worse - I started to smell something that was similar to burning rubber (or some such thing) - but I pulled over and lifted the hood, and there's nothing on fire or anything that smells particularly worse. However the car itself now consistently runs poorly and sounds bad.



So my questions are these:


What's the likelihood that this is a fuel injection issue?


If not likely, what is the chance this might be caused by a clogged cat?


Any thoughts at all, or any info that I'm not providing that would make this easier to suggest?



Thanks all - I appreciate the time.



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the early legacies occasionally have coil packs that go bad..


Have you checked for error codes?


Try the new gen forum. Thats where all the legacy owners are.

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Thanks for the suggestion - I'll link this post over there.


To answer the question, I didn't check error codes - I'm not getting any dummy lights, so I honestly didn't even think to check for those (and wouldn't know how to anyway.)

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