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Lifter "Clicking" eliminated

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I only drive my Subaru in the Winter but I had to get it out early due to some unfortunate circumstances. I ran Mobil 1 0W-40 with a K&N oil filter for about 5K miles and I started to get "the click". Even a co-worker of mine said something like "whats that terrible clicking sound coming out of there ?".


I guess M1 0W-XX tends to shear down thinner. And from this board I know that the older Soobs like a thick oil.


I just changed to a cocktail of M1 1qt. 0W=40, 2qt. M1 SUV 5W-40, and 1qt. of M1 15W50. Click is all gone.


0w40 = great pumpability. Wisconsin Winters

5W40 = great additive package, won't shear.

15W50 = thicken it up a little, still pumps at -45F

Filter is a Supertech from Wal-Mart which gets great reviews and is cheap.



Chad L

87 GL-10 Turbo

Oshkosh, WI


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