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Forester Alternator Interchangeability: MYs 98 & 99?

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I picked up a used alternator from a 98 Forester to use in my 99 Forester - only had 30 K on it. I had it computer tested at a local auto shop -- passed with flying colors with 98 info. entered into the machine. When they punched in the criteria for a 99 Forester, however, the alternator was determined to be bad.


Connections and terminals are identical between the one in my 99 Forester and the 98 alternator, but part and model numbers differ. I decided to buy this used one because 1stsubaruparts.com has one listing for the "98-99" alternator(s). The local parts store, however, lists two different rebuilt units for the years mentioned.



Does anyone know the amperage of the 98 alternator (75 amps for 99)? What risks are involved in the swap?

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I don't see any problem with using it. I would trust 1stsubaruparts.com over a parts store computer any day.

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