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Time To Replace Heater Core, or...

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"How come heaters never fail in the Summer???"


Well, amongst other things that went wrong coincident with me pouring Techron Fuel Injection cleaner into my tank, my heater core started to leak. I think that I shocked the car by paying attention to it after a couple months of neglect. :banghead:


Anyway, I will be tearing my dash apart and plan on taking pictures that will be combined with a write-up so posterity can share my pain. I plan on using a replacement heater from my parts car, but will also check at my friendly radiator shop for price and availability. (That way, people can send ME the check for $200 dollars for a $65 core! :lol: )


If anyone has a special request for behind-the-dash pics, or a suggestion for a similar maintenance procedure that requires yanking the dash or is clearer with dash removed (pedal box swap???), let me know. If I can meet multiple needs with one PITA task I would feel better.


*edit - I should have mentioned that this is on an '87 T-Wagon - end edit*

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