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Please help.....Parts to fix the EJ20G engine.

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Hi All,

I am new here but not new to Subaru.

I had a 92 Legacy turbo with EJ20G engine swap from the JDM 1st Gen. Legacy turbo.

As the current condition of my ej20G engine seems to have problem of the head gasket. I am now looking for the parts to fix the problem but since its an JDM engine and I couldn't find any result from the internet yet(maybe not seach deep enough.....??)


Does anybody knows what year's or version's WRX GC8 EJ20 engine parts will fit this engine, since most of the old EJ20 engine are using same parts. I wouild like to know the information about water pump and the head gasket?


One of the Subaru guy told me that I could use a set of Ver.3 WRX head gasket to replace the paper kind, will it work? Will the thickness will be the same since I know there will be different thickness on the gasket and if I use the one thin then it will made my piston and valve hits.


Thanks for all your input.



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