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Ok, where does this hose go? 88 rx

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The part with the duct tape. There is some kind of metal insert inside it, and the hose coming of the other side of the T. The other end goes to the air boot, and there is another part that T's off to the intake manifold, and the cruise control. Any ideas?

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Hate to state the obvious but you have a real mess there. My MY 87 fsm doesn't even have that junction on there: Looks like someone added an extra one way valve and the whole deal with the duct tape.


here are some pics:



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yes a real mess indeed. Believe me, I looked for answers. Two car manuals, then I drove to the dealership, and talked to the parts guy, then I even looked through their year specific book, no help. So I've seen those pics, but maybee it goes to an egr solenoid, since I had 2 break and replaced them with junkyard ones, that I think might have been slightly different


edit: oh ya, I'm the one that put the duct tape and a plug in there




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