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lol turbone,


well me and the family took it up a trail up star mountian yesterday evening, made it about 3/4 of the way up before it started to run hot so we turned around and decided to try it again this weekend

i did notice that after i got back to the tar i can feel the front end wobbling again, not quite like before but its still wobbleing, and i really need to get my rear main replaced, i know i shoulda done it when i put the motor in but it looked almost new. oh well eventually i will get this damn thing figured out,

and i did check the axles, there was a tiny bit of movement right whare it connects to the tranny on the drivers side but thats it. im curious is the front axle the same for an 85 d/r 5 spd as a 87 auto 4wd? since those are the ones im running on it right now.

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ok today i got all four wheels up off the ground today put it in 4 wd and then 2wd had the wifey put it in third and give it some gas, about up to 3k rpm's and i will be damned if i can see anything wrong on it!!! about the only thing i noticed is if i put my ear up to the front drivers side wheel i could hear a little scraping kinda sound.


now when i drove it after that i noticed that when i took a really sharp left turn it would do a clunk-clunk-clunk noise, and i had looked at the axles when the car was up and in gear and couldnt see any movement in them other than the normal movement.

this whole damn thing is starting to get me really frustrated. oh btw when i had it up on the front wheels the drivers side would turn but the pass side was doing very little movement unless i held onto the drivers side tire, but both the back ones were spinning, it this normal??

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