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I'd like to replace the factory front speakers in my 01 Outback which also has factory tweeters in the window pillars. Are the tweaters fed thru a crossover or do they receive the same signal as the door speakers? My replacement speakers have a tweater included, so not sure how that will workout with the existing tweeters. Thanks, Mike.

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You can just unplug the tweeters in your window pillar. It's just a clip on the back side of the tweeter.


I added the factory ones in (didn't come with the car) and I love the difference in the sound. The higher frequencies are more directional than the lower ones, so a tweeter in your window pillar should give you better sound. The new ones in the door will be pointing in a different direction?


What's wrong with 2 sets of tweeter?


Good Luck,


82 SubaruHummer--no stereo anymore...

01 Forester--Non-factory stereo, factory tweeters!

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