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Guest electryc monk

brain fart on trouble codes

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Guest electryc monk

OKay I am getting two different flashing codes (I think). It has been awhile since I've delt with the method of reading the LED correctly.


first with no extra connectors plugged in the LED flashes 3 times (three short flashes).


Now with the diagnostic connection done and then the display connector it shows a 4-4 (Four long flashes and four short flashes) sooooooooo


both are MPFI related or is that inital just a normal flashing? I'm feeling a bit inept at the moment.


vehicle in question is a 1988 GL-10 turbo.

{now lets see what info i forgot to add eh?}

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Guest calebz

I've been wondering about the three short flashes myself, as my 87 turbowagon does that..


As for the four long/four short(code 44).. that , according to my stuff is......


the envelope please.......





44 Wastegate Duty Solenoid (Turbo Models)


you should have come over this morning while I was working on my wagon.. I have the FSM for yours.

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