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'01 Outback: Rear Gate Bar Installation (resolved)

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Knights of Columbus, this is torquing me off!


I bought a Rear Gate Bar kit for my 01 Outback after looking at the installation PDF online, and I thought the process was going to be a breeze. It turns out that several inches away from the outside body layer that I'm supposed to drill through there's a second layer of sheet metal and almost no way to reach that outside layer to put the nut and washers on. There's a couple of holes and wiring accesses, but I can't imagine reaching my hand back there, much less a ratchet and socket.


Has anyone here had luck installing a Rear Gate Bar on an 01? It seems that the only instructions floating around online and with the kit are a wee bit out of date. I suppose I should be glad I didn't drill holes in my car!

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Sorry folks, lost my cool there... I didn't know the plastic housing that the carpet shell is screwed into popped out. Once it did it seems like accessing the bar's bolt won't be a problem. Now let's drill some holes... :)

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