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Yes, I bought ANOTHER Brat, but I may have an idea or two for this one and couldn't pass it up. Its an 84 Automatic. It's a GL so it has the T-Tops. Non turbo though.:banghead::) I bought it from a lady who moved to washington and needed to get rid of it. I was told that her ex-husband was a mechanic for Subaru and was one of just 97 people in the country with his qualifications to work on subaru's. I got it for 700$ and the reason why I bought it was because it had a brand new engine, there are NO cracks in the dash, and the seats are marvelous. The only down side is that is has a small patch of bondo on the passenger side behind the wheel well. Now for the pics:




The Dash:




The Seats:




The Bondo:




The engine: (I took the pics with my camcorder, so it doesn't do the engine justice.:) )



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nice BRAT


the motor looks spotless, but that bondo needs some help.the spare tire needs to go, but other than that, it looks like it`d clean up good.does it have a/c?

i see it has the toneau cover snaps, did she include the cover?if not, there is one on ebay right now for $15.

any lifting plans?:brow:

good luck with it


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Well...... My lifted soob right now is having major issues with rust and the such, so maybe I'll swap everything over when it goes downhill. Otherwise, I may swap over the engine into my lifted and then part it out, or maybe just make it sweet lookin. I don't believe it came with the tanneau cover, but I haven't really had the chance to look closely to what's inside. I am definitely getting rid of the spare, maybe some nicer rims might spice it up. It may become my daily driver for right now as well.

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Why is this in the historic forum? Jibs you gotta keep this one nice! So the person you live with can NOT drive it!!!!! :dead: And no wheelin it!!

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