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    my other car is a hyundai
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  1. 75subie

    1977 4WD

    if you decide to sell the car as-is please let me know. Will be in California early to mid May. Sent you a message. I miss my 76 wagon. Jon
  2. 75subie

    Rear end sag issue?

    I have been looking for parts/cars here in the northeast and they are definitely getting scarce. Probably could find a new torsion tube at a junkyard in WA state or CA, but shipping would be expensive. If for some reason you decide to sell the car, please keep me in mind, I'm not too far from Boonton. I currently own a 76 4wd wagon from california
  3. Hi Have any radiators for a 76 4wd wagon? should be the same up until 79. Thanks Jon
  4. take the seat back out, you'll gain a few inches but loose support (not that there is much support in a gen 1 seat lol)
  5. Hello


    I have a 1968 Van with a parts Car.The 68 will run.I am in Baldwin Place NY (Town of Somers)About an Hr. from Newburgh.If interested I can send you my Phone #.



  6. car looks good. you probably already saw this on nasioc but here it is anyway. its a ea61 in socal for sale: http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1522254
  7. who's orange ea81 wagon was that from VT? i saw it driving onto i-87 in newburgh ny a couple days ago, looked clean!
  8. its funny, i passed up the car in those pics because of rust/poorly repaired rust (still have the pics of the rust/bondo) if i remember correctly the lady brought it up from New Mexico years ago. it needed a couple tires and something else.
  9. i know there is one here in my local yard because i put it there, but i`m pretty far from quakertown. i was at harry's in hazelton 2 weeks ago and he had absolutly no ea81s, plenty of ej22s, and plenty on ea82s. i`m sure you'd at least find a 5sp d/r there.
  10. its really easy if you buy the kit from BYB in Cali, or SJR in WA. i installed a byb lift on my 82 brat in a few hours. took 2 days, one day for the front, one for the back, a couple hours each day. fabricating one from raw steel would be difficult though. speaking of joe's, any old subarus in there? haven`t been there in a long time.
  11. stupidity bothers me. i would rather give a car to someone who needs it then smash it up for no reason other than pleasure. what a waste of a car, and life of the dope swinging at it.
  12. i think these 5 slots are still floating around somewhere, they'd look great but are definatly wide. i sold them to mick, not sure if he resold: or something like these honestly, some ea81 steelies (regular or wagon wheels) painted black or silver with chrome centers and chrome trim rings would be your cheapest, easiest to find route, and they would definatly fit the theme of the car very well without rubbing being an issue. plus you could sell the pugs, buy these, and have a couple hundred to put back into the car.
  13. sentimental value is sometimes more to someone than a car is worth. i honestly think it would bring about $750-1000 around here only because of the miles. pics would definatly help.