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Manual Transmission Leak - 96 Sub OB

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The car is a 96 sub outback with 5spd manual transmission. I've found a leak that appears to be coming from the location where the shift linkage bar connects to the transmission. This is right below where the rear drive shaft connects to the transmission as well but it looks like the oil is not getting caught on the drive shaft and thrown around. It's leaking slowly and drips down to the heat protection shield above the catalytic converter and then drips onto the cat itself. Not enough to leave a cloud of smoke everywhere, just enough to smell it at a stop sign. Is this seal easy to replace? Are there other seals in this area that I should check? Plese let me know.




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I've never heard of it leaking out of the shifter shaft. You may want to try and clean the area off, and double check that it isn't the seal on the drive line.


if it is the shifter shaft, you'd have to remove the rear portion of the trans. I think you might be able to get it out without removing the trans....

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