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Possible new owner Asking questions?

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I am currently a 2003 MINI Cooper S owner, and looking to switch to a used 2004 STI


I have a few question for you guys,

1) are STIs generally reliable? any problematic areas (MINIs like mine are known to have leaky coolant bottles for example)

2) How they do on autox? I am hoping to run stock class autox with r-comps on this car, any r-comps people would recommend

3) How are they on gas? obiviously wont be as good as my mini, just a quickie question on mileage everyone's getting

4) What kinda money am i looking at to get a used 2004 STI with about 20,000-30,000kms on it (about 15000-25000 miles)

5) Any Factory acessory that would let me plug my ipod into the car so i can listen to ipod with the factory stereo?


Thanks for the help, hopefully sometime around febuary i'd be a STI owner


-Herman L.

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