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I have a 98 impreza automatic. I was away for a few weeks and couldnt drive my car. when I came back I took it for a ride. I now notice that if I make a turn from a dead stop, I get a mild rumble in the steering wheel. for One or two turns the rumble was pretty big but for the most part, they are little tiny rumbles. I took the car to my mechanic this morning. He told me he thinks that Subes always make that noise and I probibly never noticed it before. then he said to do some research and find out. if not, he wants to replace my transfer case. the guy is an absolutely great mech. and I trust him (known him for 15+ years). anyone else get a mild rumble when they make a turn from a dead stop.



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Insert a fuse in the FWD fuse holder. If the rumbling goes away, you have torque bind. You can search for more info on it.


But check to make sure you have all four of the same tires, also check tire pressure, and change the transmission fluid.


BTW, your automatic doesn't have a transfer case. The AWD is handled in the rear extension housing. The clutch packs can wear out, and need to be replaced.....I would assume that's what your mech. was talking about.

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