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Hi there,


Driving the scooby the other day and when stationary smelt a little burning and a bit of smoke came from the engine vents. This stopped after a few seconds. Doesn't do it when idling but only when you stop having been driving. Now I have noticed a couple of drops of oil which looks like it is coming from below where the smoke is coming from. As you look at the engine, its to the right of the pulleys below the engine but above the exhaust.


Im wondering if there is a slight oil leak which when driving drops a little oil onto the exhaust, which would explain both burning and smoke. All the levels in the car are fine, no overheating, drives perfectly, Does this sound likely? if so where could the leak be coming from? Any suggestions?




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I had similar problems with my 98 legacy outback. Was the front main oil seal that was leaking. I was told here that it was a common problem. Unfortunately it was a real pain to fix because I had to remove the timing belt to get in there, all of which was new to me...


On my car, it would drip slowly and blow back under the engine and collect on the exhaust heat shielding. When I would stop, smoke would rise up, and always made me nervous. Never was a big problem, couldn't even measure oil loss, but I just didn't like seeing and smelling the smoke.



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