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Well, the MNSubaru club (mostly guys out of the twin cities) is driving up here to duluth for the weekend of October 15-16th. and some members from other areas will be coming too.


not sure if non-members can view this... but:



we've got 9 cars on the for sure list for driving up from the cities, and 6 of us either here already, or coming from other places.


anyone else want to come cruise with us? I'll be the only old-schooler, and if Austin comes, we'll have 2 lifted rigs....anyone else?

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not sure about campgrounds, you can crash at my place if you want (as long as you don't mind the floor).


I'm not sure what the MNSubaru guys have for a schedule, but I don't know of anywhere that they would have any fun. but if they're leaving early sunday morning, you and I could head up to the Iron Range ORV park, that place is a blast! it's like $40 for a 3 year sticker to get in, but inspections are pretty basic, mostly just a exhaust noise check. hopefully my wagon will be up and running by then.

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