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Removing stuck crank sprocket 2.2 legacy

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Wow! Great forum here! Getting my 92 legacy wagon with 159k ready for a trip from Mississippi to Montana, where it will be donated to my nephew with absolutely no mechanical experience. So among the things I'm replacing is the timing belt which was done at 120k several years ago; the 92 has only seen about 1k miles in four years since purchasing my 97 OBW. So I'm faced with the crank sprocket being stuck on the crankshaft. Doesn't want to slide off like it did at 60k and 120k. No amount of Kroil or "bumping it" with the front pulley will loosen it up. So here is a tip, perhaps it is old news.

What wound up removing the sprocket was to purchase an M8 X 1.25 tap and big handle, a couple of M8 X 1.25 grade 8 bolts and a couple flat washers. The crank sprocket has a circle of holes around it, and two of them are slightly larger in diameter than the others, and they are opposed in direction across the crankshaft. The tap very easily cut into these holes, and then using the cast iron tensioner assembly from the air conditioner belt and placing it across the end of the crankshaft I put the two bolts into the sprocket and started tightening them which pulled the sprocket off the shaft. It would go so far, and then I had to use a socket inbetween the "bracket" and the crank to finally get it off.

Anyway, thought I'd post that tip, I'm off to finish things up including a new water pump and replacing the oil pump O ring and crank seal. Found the search on what type of sealant to use on the water pump gasket (none is fine by me!) here in the forum. Thanks and wish me luck!

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That WAS a good tip, thanks. :clap:


If the thin coating of anti-sieze I applied to my crank snout the last time I had the pulley off doesn't keep it from welding itself back on, the tap'll be the first thing I try.

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