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Idles High 97 Legacy Outback

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Can anyone shed light on it idles really high when I first start it and then when sitting at a light, etc. the idles sometimes is high then calms but not totally quiet like when I first got the car in July. Does the timing belts or head gaskets have anything to do with this. I just had both done. Thanks

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I don't really know how to measure how high, but it sounds really high when starting but not every time. The air control valve has been checked. What is a K&N air filter. I was told at last oil change that filter was fine. I have a new one to put in but not K&N. No engine light problem at this time. It did come on a month or so ago and it stalled out so bad I almost didn't make it home. Then the day I drove it to the mechanic it was fine. They ended up putting a code in that fixed the problem.

Can the new head gaskets or new timing belts have anything to do with the idle?

how high is high?

Idle air control valve.

Do you have a K&N air filter?

Is your check engine light on?

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doesnt your catr have a Tach?

if so thatll tell ya how high the idle rpms are.

I doubt you have a head gasket problem.

Any white smoke out the tail pipe?

Is it consuming coolant?

is there white goo under the oil cap?

If no , then no head gasket issues.

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