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My 1996 Legacy, now with 104,000 miles, makes a grinding noise when I make sudden left turns. The noise varies with the speed of the car. My front right axle and boot were replaced in November 2002, and the front left axle and boot were replaced in June 2003. I believe the noise started after the second axle replacement. Any ideas of what is wrong? Two different mechanics have been unable to find anything wrong.

Many thanks

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It's amazing how many non-Subaru mechanics look at that nut and think it's "Ye olde wheel bearing adjustment" thingy. (snug it up, then back off a bit...) If I find myself unfortunate enough to be in a such a shop and there is any likelyhood that they are going to get anywhere near those nuts---I usually find a way to diplomatically let them know that the nuts have to be VERY tight---and that ordinary looking washer has a front and a back to it...

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