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help with my beloved suby

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alright you guys, i have been visiting here for a wile now just teasing myself with the idea of getting a little more out of my suby. i have an 87 gl wagon, 4wd, 5 speed, carbed yada yada im sure most of you can picture it. well i have decided im going to get a webber 32/36 i don't have much money so i will more than likely get a used one off of ebay and rebuild it if needed. a year or so ago i took the cat out of it's box and welded the box back up b/c it needs to apper stock to pass inspection, but i was wondering if this would damper exhaust flow? b/c the high speed gasses get pushed into a box of slow moving gas? just a thought. if so i will take it off and just put a y pipe in there or mabey put another manafold with the cat still in it back on ? b/c i have 2 more of them. im not worried about passing inspection here i just want to get the most out of what i have. is their anywhere i can get a "cheap" set of cams or have mine ground? im not going to be racing this i just would like better gas mialige and some nice low end. Over the last 2 years i have had this car ( it is my first car) i have loved it. Although i have had a # of problems as would be expected from an old car like this, also it doesn't help that i drive it like a race car. I have become evermore attached to it and even if i do get a newer car i will more than likely still drive this in the winter. basicaly what i would like to know is if i do get this carb will i have to change the jets? or any other setting how will i know they are right, and good for optimal performance? well thanks for reading and i appreciate the help Jim Geddes

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o yea i forgot to mention it has 228,000 miles on the drive train and about 180,000 on the motor that i recently replaced (from another parts wagon i got from a friend in college for $75) i also have another motor given to me as a gift with a said* 80,000-120,000 on it that i woudl like to work on wile keeping this one alive. thanks again

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