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I am planning to buy an OBDII scanner for my Subie. Does anyone own a Dyno-Scan tool (USD300 from Auterra)?


It connects to most Palm-powered PDAs; it seems to be quite versatile, but before buying, I would be interested in hearing of other people's experiences with this tool.

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I have an OBDII scanner from Harrison R&D that I use with my Palm PDA (Sony Clie) http://www.ghg.net/dharrison/palm.htm


It also works with my Laptop. It works very well with My 1998 Forester and Toyota tacoma. It resets the ECU, clears trouble codes and was able to diagnose and repair an EGR problem I had with the Forester. The online graphing can be useful as well.

The support from Mr Harrison regarding a setting on my Sony Clie was good as well

Cost was $179US


If the one you are looking at performs as well as this it will only take a few check lights to pay for itself

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