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hi all, this may be just what im looking for! I have a subaru powered trike in the works powered by a 1.8 91 loyale engune, and im wondering what is the simplest way to set this up as far as electronics go. can i change over to a carb and maybe a different distributor? ive heard that perhaps a ford escort ignition may be possible. any help will be appreciated . also advice or ideas. thanks My e mail is redsatt@hotmail.com if anyone wants to drop a line there , thanks again

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You can go back to carb, but I wouldnt recommend it... look for "snowman"s SPFI conversion manual it will help you wire your SPFI, and its the better way to go, its very easy to wire... basically 1 step above a carb, but its got better power, relialibility, and fuel milage... Wouldn't use ford parts on a subbi engine myself... thats bad mojo:rolleyes:

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