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  1. I have a set.... The left side was fine, but the right side had to be "stretched". I got the fender on, then broke it with the door. The top of the fender where it bends down should be like 90 degrees. Instead it was 120 degrees and pulled the fender in towards the car. Probably from having things placed on top. Also the top coat has the quality of a pickle. Sure are cheap tho.
  2. So I have two problem children. First is my daily driver a 79 fe 1600. Yesterday, when I shut if off, the charge light stayed on, and the fuel pump continued to run. If I unplug the alternator all of this stops. Also the wipers work with the car off as well, but it has always done that. Second car is my 78 brat. It has never charged. I put a set of brushes in the alternator, and a new voltage regulator, but no dice. Light works on the dash and I'm thinking it also just needs an alternator. Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Also looking for a cluster with a tach and a couple of alternators
  4. I can look on mine.... But what am I looking for?
  5. The seec-t was subarus emissions and fuel mileage engine. Subaru Exhaust Emissions Control Technology or some such thing. It basically had 9.3 compression vs the 8.5 or so of the others. It also featured an air suction valve to add air to the exhaust stream to help it catalyze. http://subaru-philosophy.com/post/36197498447/seec-t-has-been-proven-to-be-a-winner Most of my pics of its progress are here: http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a190/kingbobdole/Fe/ This is what it looked like when I got it. Single owner, but he used the hell out of it.
  6. I have one. It's has the seec-t engine and higher compression than the other 70's cars. The five speed with double overdrive also has a lower final drive too, 3.7. I think it's neat. The 50 mpg is a highway under 80 thing. I usually get 40-45 around town.
  7. kingbobdole

    Picked up a '71 FF-1 Wagon

    Dependent on rust I'm interested too... It's the right color.
  8. Actually my fe features double overdrive, highway speed I can get over 50. Around town I get 45mpg.
  9. My fe has the engine.... It doesn't have a cat....
  10. That's kinda funny, I missed the user name. Sorry about your purchase spicy, but if you can install the cluster you can take it apart too. Not too hard, just take a peak inside and see whats going on. Maybe a stripped gear, but more likely it just fell apart and can be reassembled.
  11. kingbobdole

    Pre Vin number decoder.

    I just bought one of those too, not too rust, but rahter stinky. I paid $200, but it felt like I was paying to haul his scrap away. Either way I cleaned mine up and it fired on the first try. Bled the brakes and gav it a light clean and it's still fresh. Go get it man, just be ready for some work.
  12. How much? I'm starting a halfway house for 70's subs it seems...