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  1. This is a 1978 Subaru 4WD DL Wagon. This old girl was abandoned at my friends subaru shop and I couldn’t just let her die in a junk yard somewhere. I feel that she’s got some more joy to give. So, I towed it back to my house and started throwing parts at it. I think it has a rebuilt engine, from what I was told and what I’ve seen, but I’m not 100% on that and I can’t prove it. Things I’ve replaced: Brand New Weber Carb New header back exhaust system. Alternator Battery Voltage regulator Distributor Condenser Heater Control valve Heater Core Brakes (calipers, rotors, drums, pads and fluid) Old School Shifter Fix Seat Rails Everything works and works well. It is what some would call a rough looking car, but that’s what I call charm. There is rust, the dash is cracked and the front seats are well used. It has dings and dents, but gets 30+ MPG. It will need new tires very soon. I know a guy that can hook you up with some sweet 13in winter tires for cheap. He’s legit and owns a local tire shop. This could all be yours for the low low price of $1200. I’m located in Portland, Oregon. Let me know if you’re interested in continuing her journey. I can be reached by email or phone to set up a meeting. Earl 971-255-2970 or jgb.design@gmail.com
  2. Me too. Hopefully I'll make some good progress on it this summer.
  3. Yes, They are the duel port ea81 heads. Valves are switched around too.
  4. Hopefully going to be firing up this project again this summer. Stay tuned.
  5. Visit https://retroautodecals.mysimplestore.com/ for all your old school subaru decal needs...
  6. I'm planning on a new super cool modification for the Frankenbrat. It's going to be hott!
  7. Seen some stuff on facebook and instagram about the show continuing. No location yet, but date are set for Sept. 13-14.
  8. Would love to see how this turned out.
  9. Really nice work. Love the direction you're taking this project in.
  10. https://retroautodecals.mysimplestore.com/products/full-color-subaru-brat-stripes-77-81 Click on the link above.
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