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  1. Pooparu

    1979 Brat Dual Carb EA81 Swap

    Really nice work. Love the direction you're taking this project in.
  2. https://retroautodecals.mysimplestore.com/products/full-color-subaru-brat-stripes-77-81 Click on the link above.
  3. I thought he looked like a offensive spardnubbin to me...lol
  4. Thanks, I have a bunch of new customer's Subarus to put up on site.
  5. Looks good. Glad you had them installed by a professional. Can I use your photos to put up on the retro auto decal site under customer's cars?
  6. Do people not know the difference between gen 1 and gen 2 subarus?
  7. I'm in the process of adding these to my site.
  8. I'll buy some parts off of it. I'm in Portland too. When are you available. I'm free mon-fri after 6pm. or weekends. text me @ 971-255-2970
  9. I'm thinking of reproducing this vintage BRAT shirt. How many of you would be interested in buying one or some? I'm trying to gauge how many I should get printed up.
  10. Any progress yet? Earl , shooting for having your seats in motion this weekend. Have to finally make things happen. Anybody local that thinks they might want to stop up and help and shop for parts is welcome. I'll be spending much of daylight as I can both days. Sunday I wrap up around 2:00pm the latest.
  11. I'm actually looking to sell the 2 I have. I really need to focus on my coupe and I'm running out of room fast. Let's see if we can't work something out.