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  1. can you send me closer pics of the two front side marker lights.. the orange ones.. tbag1331@yahoo.com, thanks
  2. biffanyus

    What is this?

    I agree that brat looks awesome as is!!! Nice find!!
  3. biffanyus

    Just joined! 2.6.2018

    Welcome and that's an very nice looking brat!!
  4. biffanyus

    My new 79 BRAT

  5. The left brat has correct placing of Brat and 4WD on tailgate...
  6. Ok thanks... I did the coke and foil thing on my Datsun front bumper due to surface rust and it took the rust off pretty good...
  7. Question??? How did you get the old rear bumper stickers off without messing up the chrome bumper?? Have one on my bumper I need to remove. looks like its been on there for 30 years or so...
  8. biffanyus

    Nice write up

    My current Brat.. Just recently added a rear bumper(not in pic).. Just need to get the tank cleaned. Lots of debris and causing stall outs..
  9. biffanyus

    Nice write up

    Really Nice Brat...
  10. Do you have a really nice Blue 78 brat DL horn pad?? I have one in decent shape but scuffed up a bit. Interested in it if its in really nice condition...
  11. biffanyus

    New 78 Brat

    Very nice looking brat..
  12. Hey Zags,, I'm in need of a nice rear bumper for my 78 brat. Can you spare one off the 79?? I will need it shipped with the mounting brackets too. Please let me know. Email me at tbag1331@yahoo.com. Greyhound shipping is usually reasonable for large items.