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    Rallying,reconstructing and rebuilding old SUBARUs
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    driver school monitor(now victim of the econ.crisis)
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    Google search engine
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    Aged of 54,I have worked on the first SUBARUs(1969 ff-1 and 1972 LEONE) imported to Greece.
    Now I am looking to buy some 1972 LEONE or some 1970 ff1,with the prospect to reconstruct it and possibly to rally it.
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    Subaru DL 1400 1973 , Subaru ff1 1100 1971

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  1. I think that the ff-1(STAR the first version of 1000cc)firstly imported to the USA the year 1968. The same year imported to the Europe, only in Greece and Portugal. For these reason the ff-1 model it is uknown in the rest of Europe.
  2. nice 74-76 Leone in Vista Blue.... with beautiful wheels and trims.... excellent project.... the roof baggage stand was original,optional or aftermarket equippment???
  3. any ff-1 parts? I am looking,also,for cosmetic,exterior parts for first gen.Leone 1973 4door sedan.
  4. the gasket is original or aftermarket one? the price? other bits for the ff1 or the 1st gen.Leone?
  5. hello, the ff1 windshield is for sale? the price? The Front and rear RIGHT side door seals (marked as 77 Stage II thru 79 sedan) are compatible with the Leone I 1973 sedan ones?
  6. I think that the Dome light lens is the same at the Datsun 510....
  7. how many pages it is? Is it possible to recopy it with my expences?
  8. hello, Where I could find the ff1 factory parts manual,even in pdf ?????
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