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Canister Purge Solenoid Valve Replacement

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Canister Purge Solenoid Valve Replacement-Legacy


Got a code 35 and don't know if you should take it to the dealer or not? Fear no more, its easy!


Part number for a 90 Legacy L is 14774AA350 which is superseded by 14774AA351 now. Estimated costs vary but expect around $81 or so.


To find the part on your Legacy look at the intake. Its above the left head to block seam. See pictures for more help.


Since its an electrical part I assume you should disconnect the battery. Its a good idea too because it will clear the codes if you disconnect it for approx 45 minutes. You can also clear the codes by plugging the 2 green and 2 black connectors together with ignition off and then switching the key to ignition on momentarily and unplugging them.




The above picture should guide you toward the part. See the two alum. intake pipes? It is under the more forward one.


I recommend unplugging the sensor first. Having the new part prior to removing the old one will show you what type of plug you are removing. The plug is blue and 2 prong if I recall correctly. Then remove the small vac lines. Might require a good twist to get the lines off.


You can remove the solenoid valve by taking a long extension on a 3/8 ratchet with a 12mm socket and from the rear of the motor point the socket toward the front of the car and peek through the edges of the pipes until you get it on the bolt. Remove the bolt and then slide the new part in its place and start the threads while you have the tool in hand. Then plug the electrical connector and vac lines onto the solenoid.


Now reconnect the battery and don't touch the gas for around 15 minutes as the car will reset itself (according to many on the USMB). This is optional but it cant hurt.

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