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So...I have been told that the Infinity 6002i's will fit in my 02 OBW by the guy at the local stereo store but I would like to hear from people on this board. Has anyone put 6002i speakers in their OBW? Is any cutting involved? I know how to do the work but don't want to buy something that requires extra work...unless it is simple enough. I'm not ready to bust out the power saws quite yet. :) If no one has installed the 6002i's can someone recommend other speakers that will require no extra work besides taking off the panels and screwing in the new speakers. The Infinty's have been given excellent review for their value and it seems other owners like them but I'm just not sure if they will fit. Infinity also make the 6002si for "shallow" installs but they seem to be harder to find for the price I'm willing to pay. (Ebay)


Thanks for your help,


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