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Well, I used to frequent this site pretty religiously a few years back...Thhngs have changed...Looks good!! Nice to see a few of the smae names here...I don't remember what my last login name was so I figured I'd start over....Anyway...You'll see more of me now that I'm "back in the family"...Got a $600 Turd sitting out in the drive way that I'm going to be fixing all the "little" things that are wrong with it...So, I'm forwarning you all, that I'll be asking alot of stupid questions....I really need to get a manual for this thing, but I already put about $80 into it this last weekend just to put a new oil pan on, and we're in the process of buying a house so money is tight!! Not to mention all the frickin" time I spent just trying to swap the oil pan...GOOODNIGHT!!!! Approx 14hrs I think when all was said and done...anyway, sorry to ramble...Just saying HI!


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