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just a couple..


say i found a na 3.9 ratio 5-speed for my turbo legacy..

will the na clutch hold up0 to the turbo engine? or can i use a turbo clutch and pressure plate with the na trans and flywheel? i was thinkin the splines might be different.. but i am used to working on the old ea series cars.. this is my first ej car besides the outback..


also are my turbo cv's gonne go on the na 5-speeds output shafts or are the spline counts different there too?

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You'll be good with the clutch/pressureplate/NA tranny handling the power, someone up here took an EJ22 five-speed and mated it to an SVX with no problems. Not sure on the spline count though. Jesse (Subafreak) might know.

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