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XT6 ECU in an XT - IT WORKS!!

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first i'd like to take this time to quote mr. wjm for his insightful comment awhile back that i find funny and motivating:


How? people dont think like I do.




the only two 4 cylinder ECU's i had would not run the car, i was assuming they were bad and ordered a new ECU from colorado. rather than wait for it to get here i figured how much different can the XT6 and XT computers be? i opened them up and noticed the only difference i could see was were there are 2 resistors in one place, there are 3 in the XT6. the 4 cylinder has a spot and all marked out for the 3rd resistor, it's just not there. there are probably other differences, but that was all i could see with a quick 3 minute investigation.


i plugged it in and the car fired right up and idled!!! ha!!! i found that very funny last night. i unplugged the AAV and some other solenoid under the intake. never tried it with those plugged in but i bet it'd run fine. it idled high, around 2,000 but otherwise idled and drove smooth and fine.

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