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Offset of EA82 rims & comparable 6 lug 15" rims

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Pardon the cross-post, but this applies to here and offroad forums so I posted in both. Please remove if necessary.


I need to know if anyone has researched the available alloy 15" 6 lug rims that have a similar offset to stock EA82 rims. I'm running Peugeot 15" turbo sedan wheels (the 505 sedan - 1986). They've done a pretty good job of chipping up the paint on my wagon with the wider offset. They're also wobbly and very hard to find straight. Since I'm getting fresh paint on the car I'd like to minimize the chipping.


I've seen toyota 6x5 or 6x5.5 (not sure which size) mentioned quite a bit, but there's no word about how much of a difference there is in the offset. I like this one:http://www.buycarwheels.com/zoom.htm...69305U1026.JPG

this one looks less "dated"



I did another search and found this http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/...ad.php?t=59657 but I don't want a vintage brat or ea82 look.


This page mentioned this rim, http://webmaster.beverleypaine.com/i..._rearwheel.jpg which has more of a look I'm after, but it's an Australian company and the offset still has the tire jutting out similar to mine, but its not an EA82.


Anyway, thanks in advance for info and insights. --E

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