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  1. any advice for installing a set o f factory roof rails on a 2010 a FOS?

  2. You get the credit Dr Krazy -- if you hadn't decided come along for the ride and shoot the video, this never would've happened. You'll have to change your avatar tag-line to "2011 Outback brochure poster child".
  3. They came after me -- hunted me down after they found my video on youtube on the beefaru channel. I posted about that last fall. Took a long time, but it's there now. Dr Krazy should be proud. I'll have to call him if he doesn't pop his head in here.
  4. The far left and far right in the middle row. Far left is a video with Dr Krazy videoing the roll to 200k and the far right is the photo at red rocks amphitheater right where the Beefaru hit 200k
  5. Here's a screen grab from page 26-27 of the brochure. See below for how to get here. Middle row far left is video of dash rolling over to 200,000 miles Middle row far right is Dr Krazy, the little lady and I at the spot where it hit 200k with Red Rocks amphitheater in the background. Go here: http://dbrochure.subaru.com/brochures/subaru.outback.2011.2/index.html?utm_source=com&utm_medium=cta&utm_campaign=rab Then wait forever as the brochure loads, then on bottom right of brochure, click "contents" and go to page 26-27. If that direct link doesn't work go here http://www.subaru.com/vehicles/outback/index.html At bottom of that page under heading "explore further", scroll down to "get a brochure" it launches this page https://www.subaru.com/shopping-tools/get-brochure.html?s_kpi=trim_nav Under "view a brochure" click and select "2011 outback new dynamic brochure" Then wait forever as the brochure loads, then on bottom right of brochure, click "contents" and go to page 26-27. If anyone finds a faster way to do this, please post. Thanks again to DRKRAZY without him this never would've happened!! The Beefaru has come a long way indeed Climbed in it tonight and fired it up because the beef's younger brother (2005 Outback XT limited) is going in the shop. Man the memories came flooding back big-time! Click on my name and select the website. There's more news and photos on it now or go here: http://www.ericlane.com/pages/alb_beefaru/beefaru_website/index.html
  6. BeefaRu

    '87.5 rx ???

    Sent a PM too. Either the RX has FT4WD or it doesn't. The 87 should be the ticket - it's the only year it was FT AFAIK. You're gonna love the dual range 411 when you get it built!!
  7. BeefaRu

    How cool is this?!!

    Sent in the video release form today so it's official. The Beefaru 200k odometer video will be featured in Subaru's sales brochures for their cars. Customers at car lots often prefer to go online to view brochures vs taking the big printed stuff at the dealer. This video will be a part of the "Love Spread" section of their brochures for new cars. "Love Spread"...not what I expected from Subaru, but if they want to name something after Austin Powers' pimpin' 70's sex penthouse, who am I to judge Actually, sounds like a perfect electronic home for the Beefaru. This is the video they want The Beefaru website is way cooler than that video though. When they get their website together, I'll post a link.
  8. BeefaRu

    How cool is this?!!

    The only part of this that sucks is not only did DrKrazy shoot the odometer footage, but his wagon video has over 6000 hits whereas the odometer video has a paltry 500. That lifted sedan video is way cooler!! Maybe Subaru can cough up some big bucks - LOL - for the odometer video and DrKrazy can get his due (dough) at last.
  9. Subaru use of Video I work for the ad agency for Subaru of America. Client is interested in using your video "Beefaru goes 200,000 miles " for a D Brochure (electronic brochure). We would need to have a release signed by you prior to use. Please contact me ASAP via email to discuss: connie.mangam @designory.com Thank you. They're for real -- http://designory.com/ If Subaru is interested in that, they'll love my website. It's a living example of their marketing slogan. http://www.ericlane.com/pages/alb_beefaru/beefaru_website/Index.html
  10. You've made your point again and again. I share your opinion to a certain extent, but this thread isn't about your opinion. In fact it should be deleted because not only has the goal been accomplished, but you're here posting your opinion all over it, taking it off topic, attacking the OP, the thread, the premise, and fishing for information from others who've decided to keep it to themselves. Everyone has had FOUR YEARS to get this information to the guys who bought it, and they've spent four years waiting and attempting to get it for themselves. You're done -- you had your chance and they've moved on. I assume you haven't read the "denver mad scientists" thread. I've already tried everything you're suggesting, and though everyone was very helpful and some went the extra mile, it never worked -- over a period of FOUR YEARS it never resulted in a built tranny. I bought TWO donor transmissions I asked for labor donations I asked for shop donations I asked for any info anyone had on the subject I dug up and volunteered all the info I could get my hands on The rest of my story and the costs I've incurred to get this info are already in this thread. NO - read the F'ing thread. This was going to be released to everyone -- THE VAST MAJORITY GETTING IT FOR FREE, THE FEW WHO VALUED IT VOLUNTEERING ANY DOLLAR AMOUNT THEY WANTED -- instead everyone sat on their rump roast, just like before, and a couple said it had no value. So the ones that wanted the info, the ones who waited and tried for FOUR YEARS to get it, decided to take the lead. It was their idea. Get over it, move on, I'll have ShawnW or someone delete or lock the thread.
  11. People have paid for the info, including myself, and you're fishing and fishing to get the info posted for free. How long is this going to go on? Other have volunteered to pay for the guide. If you don't agree, don't like the thread, feel it's petty, then I don't know why you're here.
  12. I'm not going after Gloyale because you have a different opinion than me. Likewise I haven't dropped into your thread and done what you're doing here. I'd appreciate the same. I already said it's OK if people disagree, I assumed there'd be common courtesy. What I'm seeing instead are attacks and a last ditch effort to "spoil" the "secret" transmission guide by attempting to "reveal" what's going to be in the guide. People volunteered to pay for this info for a 230k built transmission. If fellow forum members don't agree, they don't need to participate in the thread let alone hijack it, attack it, and start posting what they believe the info to be. If you're attempting to get a buyer to back out, do what you wish, post what you want, but your actions speak volumes. The arrangements/agreements have already been made, and the guide is being written. I've already apologized for it being this way. I've already said it's not my first choice. I already used up the other options for getting this info without spending a bunch of money.
  13. A resolution has been reached. Due to a lack of donation offers, this thread is changing from AVAILABLE...to...you-snooze-you-lose. Thanks to Skishop's generous offer and another big one from ShawnW, the guide is going private -- they'll own the guide and can do what they want with it. I'll write the guide, get it proofed by the builder, and send it to them. I know that selling info is a bogus deal on forums, and I'm sorry it went down this way. But -- bottom line is -- time has proven that this info has little value to many, but it has real value to some. And they're footing the bill which is going to help me out a lot. Thanks guys. Here's another way to look at it: most of us aren't going to go through the trouble to build this anyway -- those who've tried haven't finished. But Skishop and ShawnW are highly motivated to build this because they see an opportunity for themselves and for those who want one. Their problem is they can't afford the R&D, but they can afford to offer to buy the guide which saves them all the R&D. Anyway, I'm going to get to work. I'll PM the one other guy who offered to donate. Cheers, Eric BTW, the first tranny that went into the Beefaru used the lowest to highest EA & EJ gears mixed together and EA hi/lo. It also blew apart in about 500 miles, but the range from 1st to 5th was incredible. I kept 1st gear but progressively sheared the teeth off 2nd and 3rd. I was shifting from 1st to 4th before the builder got around to building this tranny. PS: the builder had built one other EA 4:11 hi/lo tranny so he knew this one would work, and it's kicked rump roast behind a 2.2 engine, with 15" rims, hauling heavy gear that mashes the springs over the continental divide countless times. I even towed a camper from Arizona and made it over Vail pass before I broke down. Tranny was fine, but the driveshaft gave out (but my driveshaft problems are another story...LOL)
  14. Actually some of that is the case here -- particularly the main case of the tranny. The problem was isolated to the the tailhousing and transfer case, and they came apart in just a few minutes. The main tranny was fine. Most of the transmission labor was to disassemble the main case, take everything out, figure out what was what, replace the seal at the front (which can't be done without taking it all apart), cleaning everything, inspection and reassembly. I could've gotten away with skipping a lot of that, but this was the best opportunity to figure out how the whole thing went together. The photos I took helped the original builder verify what he remembered and jogged his memory on a few other things, so the info is WAY more accurate than just paying minimal shop time for popping off the back of the tranny, fixing, and making a call to get half-remembered parts and assembly information. Still, removal and install of tranny had to be incurred regardless. But taking minimal tranny fix and adding clutch and steering rack wipes me out. Despite that, I thought going the extra mile on the tranny was the right thing to do and the best opportunity to be able to pass that info onto the forum...however, a little help would be nice, and I figured I had nothing to lose by asking.
  15. I don't have tools/shop to do this. I paid someone $450 to pull this tranny apart and put it back together and I still have to pay the guy who pulled it to put it back in. This isn't as simple as me investing spare time with zero cost incurred and giving away the fruits of my labor. Forums are great for that, we all participate in that give and take and that's what I love about communities like this. Let's get to the core of the issue here. I'm going to assume a $5.00 donation towards getting this info isn't the problem. The issue is some see this as one forum member taking advantage of everyone else by asking for a dollar donation instead of a time donation. I already tried the time donation approach. People can't donate time and work together to figure this out for free for the benefit of all -- it never happened. The thread went on for years without any results. And yet no one has done what some here are asking for -- forum members who've put this or a similar tranny together aren't distributing the information either (writing up a how-to with photo, video etc.) Working together, donating time together to do it for free didn't work. Asking for dollar donation instead of time donation is another idea and some are for it (thanks to those who have PM'd I'm glad the info has some value). I'm not into forum members charging everyone for everything. Far from it. But some projects require enough time and money investment that they're worth contributing to either through bartering time or money. I think this is one of those projects. People don't have to agree and that's OK. That being said, with enough donations, I'm posting this for everyone to download. I really do want this info out there, I just didn't think that I'd be paying so much to get the information.