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  1. skishop69

    EA82TT !

    Damn! I was wanting to hear about the immediate meltdown and explosion that would soon follow. lol Nice work!
  2. skishop69

    Brat jump seats for sale

    Looking at the pics, the handles have been broken off the seats. Not worth $200 like that IMO. With, maybe.
  3. I can confirm that the steering will not always return. If you make a 90 degree turn or sharper, the wheels will stay. I tow my Brat behind my camper when we go camping and I leave the steering wheel locked. This is also not ideal, but after having to fight the other issue, it's how I went. It does add extra wear on the control arm bushings, ball joints and tires, but as little as I do this, it's not a big deal. I only have 4 turns from my house to the freeway and once there, it's all smooth turns. I check the front end every time and my alignment is dead on which it has to be or it will fight the tow bar in a straight line.
  4. True, it should still work on high. You really can't inspect them short of tearing it apart and I've never done one so I don't know if it's possible without ruining it. The next time it dies on you, jumper 12v right to it and see if it comes back on.
  5. Either the brushes are going or you have a dead spot on one of the poles of the windings. It heats up while running and opens. The inertia of the motor will keep it running until you shut it down and then it won't run again until it cools down. I've seen this many times before with all types of blower motors. You could also have a blower resistor that's going bad or the connector at the resistor. Check power and and at the motor when it happens. If you've got both, bad motor.
  6. skishop69

    XT coupe air struts.

    I have searched and searched and there is no one I have found who will touch them. When, if ever, I get my EJ conversion done, I am going to look into repairing them. Mine still work and I have an extra set, but it never hurts to have a plan in place.
  7. skishop69

    Random oil burn/plug foul

    Black 'soot' is usually not oil consumption. It's fuel fouling.Oil burning usually shows dark brown or black and looks 'tacky'. My guess is your getting fuel from the carb after shutdown. Fuel level too high or a leak. Texan has a good idea too. You could have bad valve guides or seals, but that usually shows oil consumption. I'd put in a new set of plugs and check the color after driving for a week and compare them.
  8. skishop69

    STOLEN 1988 Subaru GL Wagon

    I work in Renton so I'll keep an eye out. Unfortunately, the scum that resides in the majority of the area will likely thrash it. Sorry man, that sucks.
  9. I had to dig around a bit to find it, and now must say, I was wrong... again. lol They are EA63 heads. It was quite some time ago I saw them and though they are very similar, I'm pretty sure they won't fit an EA81. Can't seem to get the pic to upload, but if you search EA63 heads, you'll see them. My bad.
  10. Nope. The EA81 did have a limited run of dual port intake heads.
  11. skishop69

    No Power to Fans

    Fan has power (+ voltage) when the key is on and is turned on by the temp switch in the radiator grounding the circuit.
  12. It's not the twin port. Twin port heads have a cooling passage right in the middle and a port to either side. That's a twin carb setup and if it's been rebuilt, it's either the worst rebuild ever or it sat outside for years. My personal opinion based on what I see, not rebuilt and not worth more than $200-$300 bucks and that's only because it's the DC setup. I'd ask him for paperwork.
  13. skishop69

    EVAP smoke test

    No. they are not part of the EVAP system.
  14. skishop69

    How to lift 84 brat?

    +1 Cranking up the front and rear springs not only screws your alignment up, but it'll ride like a brick. Ask me how I know... Get a lift from Scott in Bellingham. SJR lifts.
  15. skishop69

    EVAP smoke test

    There is a gas cap adapter. I would use that, turn on the smoke and pull a few of the front lines to let it through the system faster then reconnect those lines when you see smoke come out. give it a couple more minutes then use a really bright flashlight to check all the lines and tank on the vehicle. A dimly lit are works best. Don't do it outside. Any breeze will blow the smoke away before you can see it. If you can't get the adapter, T a line up front and remove the gas cap until you see smoke.