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  1. You need the controller for safety reasons. Never hot wire a fuel pump. In an accident, it won't shut down and could lead to someones death and possibly a lawsuit to boot. If you can't afford to replace it, try this.http://www.revolutionelectronics.com/Fuel_Pump.html I use these when I do restorations. Just finishing a frame up restoration on a 68 Mustang and it got one. Works perfectly.
  2. skishop69

    What's with Subaru AC?

    +1 Both compressors have roughly the same internal volume for moving freon, but the Lexus has a variable displacement compressor where the old school Brat compressor is a fixed displacement compressor so it's pumping full tilt all the time (unless the pressure switch shuts it off). The variable displacement may be mechanical or ECU controlled and is based off system pressures, flow and temp to yield acceptable cooling with minimal load on the engine to keep your MPGs up. Add to that, as you stated, the cabin size difference (Lexus being 2-3x the volume of a Brat) and the fact that R134 does not coll as well as R12 and there you have it. Your Lexus may also be having issues. Low charge, sticky temp door, plugged or stuck orifice/TXV or a cooling fan or condensor air flow issue. Give me old school AC any day.
  3. "Yes, but the heat will expand the bolt, more than the hole in the crank, making it tighter. While making the bolt weaker. When I've most often used the torch method successfully, it's when heating the "nut" side of things. In this situation, the nut expands more than the bolt, making a looser fit. " Not entirely true. The bolt and the part it is in will both expand, albeit at different rates, but it does create the desired effect and the metallurgical change to the bolt is negligible unless you go totally gung-ho. I have used the smoke hatchet many times over the years to remove locked down bolts and have never had on break or fail. Yes, it is a last resort.
  4. skishop69

    DEQ fail after EJ swap

    They would/should have tested it as an 83 (EPA regs state it has to be tested as the registered MY) which means it should've passed with flying colors. Did it fail HC's at cruise or idle? Cat would only come into play at cruise, otherwise, you could have a bad O2, leaky injector(s), bad MAF, timing set wrong, bad ECT, bad t-stat, bad EGR or low compression. Annnnnd GO! lol The only other two things you could've failed are NOx and CO. NOx failure would be timing advanced too much or a bad EGR.
  5. Try having several THOUSAND rear differentials go out because the manufacturer forgot to clean them out. These things should NOT happen.
  6. Hey, I did Google it! lol That's cool.
  7. Interesting. I've never seen either in any of the brochures or in pics for that matter. Wonder if it was another of those dealer packages or something else after the factory. Any of the guru's care to weigh in?
  8. Maybe it's just me, but what are you talking about? lol
  9. I recall hearing something about two different dizzys, but that's it. lol Someone else here will know the difference between the two. Also, if the dizzy gear roll pin is sheared, the timing will be off and it will move on you while trying to set timing to add insult to injury. lol
  10. skishop69

    High Idle - EA82T

    +1 You could also have an air leak between the MAF and the throttle body. I missed a line on the intake boot once and she idled right up to 2K.
  11. +1 I was thinking side bearing on the carrier in the tranny. Possibly a ring and pinion noise. Wouldn't hurt to drain the gearbox and see what comes out.
  12. skishop69

    Ea81 Y-pipe question

    If it is 84 and stock, the CAT is part of the Y pipe. Two pipes coming in the front in a V configuration and one pipe coming out the rear of the 'bulge' (CAT). A replacement Y pipe only is just that. Three pipes in a Y configuration, no bulge.
  13. Correct. I removed the pan, put an bead around it about an 1/8" thick. I put the pan back on finger tight, gave it 24 hours to cure and then tightened it with the ratchet. No gasket at all.
  14. Yep. An inch or so is all you need IIRC. I used ultra grey on my pan something like 10 years ago. still dry.
  15. Yes indeed it can. Get her resealed before it ruins the new clutch.