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Need help removing crankshaft pulley

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Am attempting to put a new water pump on an '88 Justy and have hit a snag. I need to remove the crankshaft pulley but can't get it off. I've gotten the bolt out but the pulley still won't come off. It wiggles a bit but won't budge otherwise. I've been told there is a key way that has to be lined up but can't figure out which way the pulley is to be aligned. Can anyone give me anymore info?






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Keyway shouldn't cause an issue removing, just with aligning the pulley when you put it back on. Use penetrant oil (PBlaster or similar) keep wiggling (including wiggling it back on and then off again) and it will eventually come loose. Or you could try using a 2- or 3-jaw gear puller. Either way, patience wil help to get it off and not damage anything.

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you might want to try heating the pulley a little bit, but dont go crazy, and for goodness' sake, do NOT strick the pulley with ANYTHING while its hot.. and it might be a good idea to have a blanket or a few layers of cardboard down for it to fall off onto.. because with heat it will get brittle and you can break it easily. Like i said, dont get crazy with heat, and once it cools it should be fine again.. but above all, what northwet said was the best..


be PATIENT, or else, you can make a stupid mistake and break the thing. and that makes you feel dumb. trust me. but aligning the keyway should not be a difficulty, and if the gap on the pulley is worn, or if the key is worn, then you need to replace them. If either is worn, its best to replace both just to be safe.

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