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Starter cutout twice in 99OBW

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The Solenoid and the Starter are basically one piece (but can be separated). I think your starter/solenoid is shot and you have/had a worn out alternator. Clicking is almost always indicative of solenoid issues which means that the contacts are shot and they need replaced. I doubt you have any other electrical problem aside from this.


Upon further review, I think nipper is exactly right - the solenoid is shorting out. I bet there's arcing in there like nobody's business. Either way, the starter/solenoid needs replaced. This a $120 part w/ one hour of labor :-/

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Okay thanks. I'm gonna pull the assembly out today or tonight if I get a chance, otherwise it will have to wait a few days :(


But does anyone else Subie have a solenoid clicking sound when the key is ON? Mine has done that since I got it new and I don't know if this is normal or not? I believe it's caused by the 5 volts being sent to it, but either way, SHOULD it be doing this? I just want to know if there's something else going on here or if this is a 'feature' :)




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Hmm, perhaps it's that, but I'm pretty sure it's from the solenoid.


I called a Subie specialist back home and he said he hadn't heard of a sound like that before. He thinks perhaps my LoJack installed alarm ($600!) is causing this problem and thinks I should have it bypassed by someone to see if things are better from that.


Another guy suggested today I get the starter rebuilt, said there's a place in town that does rebuilds for like $65.. Does this seem like a viable option?


The 2 dealers nearby want $230 and $250 for rebuilt OEM starters.

This more than double the prices I found online, but I don't know who I can trust online. The AutoZone Duralast starters have a lifetime warranty I was told, but are these any good? I'd rather not have to USE a warranty.. :)



:Flame: (insert wallet here)

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