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Re: Question about climate control lights in Impreza

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I bought a climate control panel from the local Subaru only yard so that I would be able to see what I was in for. I wound up prying the bezel from the top VERY CAREFULLY to get it off the dash. After removing the left dash kick panel and with the vent control fully counter-clockwise I was able to remove the vent cable from its peg and free the cable sheath from the clamp on the left side of the dash. This allowed me some more access to the rear of the climate control panel. Here's a pic from the unit I bought at Aaron's:




It's shown with both dials fully CCW (as seen from the front). Notice that the lamp holders are impossible to remove or replace unless you have super small fingers.


Here's a picture of the rear with the dials fully CW (as seen from the front) so that now the lamp holders can be twisted out, the lamps replaced, and the holder twisted back in. Still not easy but do-able.




The lower lamp holder shown above is for the vent status dial. This one is the easier of the two to replace. The temp dial lamp at the top is more difficult. I couldn't figure out how to replace the A/C indicator lamp which is inside the A/C switch. I didn't think it was important to have it working once the other two lamps were okay. After I put everything back together, I was pleasantly surprised to find the A/C indicator was working.


Here's a pic of the old bulb I removed:




If you want to see more detailed pics, check out my Repair album at http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/photos/showgallery.php?cat=959.

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