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  1. Subiegal,, Any way I can get that picture from you? One of the best I've seen, and in the past 48 hrs I've been through them all. Please let me know paulrachner*at*hotmail.com
  2. Greetings to all from Ed's son, Paul. I can't tell you how amazing it is to read so many wonderful comments you've all left about my dad. Thanks so much, and we hope to see you on the 12th. Just wanted to post that there are a couple pages you can check out for more details regarding what we have planned... http://rachner.us/ed His obituary is at www.legacy.com (can't figure out how to copy and paste the link, sorry). Again, thank you all so much. Take care
  3. Going to miss you greatly old friend.

  4. My '82 brat currently out of use. But hoping to get back to it when the weather gets warmer and still post the progress. Sorry for the long delay.
  5. Whole bunch of reasons, but I haven't mounted them yet. Will post when they are.....hopefully before the new year.
  6. Give Jason in Parts (Dealer in Auburn, WA) a call. He's quite familiar with the earlier models. Does online sales with a pretty good discount off list. I know he's not local to you but that shouldn't matter. The other rub is he would need to special order seal to get it to you. Toll free number: 8 six six 5 two eight five 2 eight two. Have your VIN # ready if you call.
  7. Sometimes it's not a leaking gasket. When you remove a t-top it's just like a catch basin in the roof and the water needs to drain off. On the passenger side there's a drain hole which is there to drain off any extra water. Drain hole is just above the door pillar (right front) and that hole allows the water drain off in the front fender area. As old as some of our cars are, the drain is clogged. Run a coat hanger down the drain hole and and pour some water down it to be sure it drains properly. Repeat the process on the driver's side.
  8. Found this on the car101.com website. I'll try it tomorrow and see if it works. CODE ALARM SYSTEM information is always subject to change and correction Used on: Impreza 1996-2001 Legacy 1995-1999 Forester 1998-2000 Battery GP-23A Lock: Left button will lock all doors. Double chirp indicates locked. Unlock: Right button will unlock driver's door only. Hold unlock button app 6 seconds, it will unlock all doors including rear gate. Single chirp indicated unlock. If the car chirps or lights flash 4x the alarm was triggered. Panic. Press both buttons to activate emergency honk and flashing lights. Valet mode: With optional alarm only Press the red alarm button on the left of the steering wheel. The light will quickly double flash. To re-set back to normal mode, press the red alarm light button again Battery failed and lights flashing? Parking lights will flash when the vehicle's battery is disconnected and reconnected. To stop lights from flashing, either: Press remote transmitter “UNLOCK” button once OR turn the ignition switch to the “ON” position and press programming button for one second (see below). The vehicle interior (courtesy) light and door open warning light (DOOR AJAR indicator) will then illuminate for 60 seconds when the ignition is turned off, or until the doors are locked with the remote transmitter. Yes, the dashboard instrument panel lights will flash when the parking lights flash. Programming or Overriding the Alarm when you have lost the remote Open driver's door. Turn ignition key to 'On' Press and *hold programming button* in (see diagram, button under dashboard) After 15 seconds the the door locks will cycle 3 times. Do not release Programming button Press lock (left) button the remotes to be programmed. The door locks will cycle one time. Exit programming mode by releasing Programming button under dashboard and turning key to off. Code Alarm Programming Button is under dashboard on the kick panel by the driver's left knee, left of the steering column. If you can't find it, it might still be tucked up in the wiring harness higher up in that same general area. The botton is recessed in a plastic ring (see diagram). This button must be pressed while programming remotes or if the battery was disconnected and the lights are flashing.
  9. Last week, we had the battery die (my fault, left the warning blinkers on overnight). Recharged the battery okay and thought everything was okay. But the car alarm keeps going off intermittantly and without reason. We don't have the original owner's manual so I'm without any information there. I had read somewhere that removing the battery power (like letting it run down) would require a reset of the alarm system. Anyone have any ideas on this or can send me a link as to where to look?
  10. Yes, it is a rear disk install to replace the drum brakes in the rear. Only thing to remember is that the parts from the donor car must be 4x4 since the 2wd disk package has a different backing plate.
  11. My youngest son is working on a project and is looking for pics of clean gen1 brats. If you have any, drop me an email (either by pm or at ed@rachner.us) and I'll forward it to him. Thanks.
  12. My youngest son is working on a project and is looking for pics of clean gen1 brats. If you have a nice brat and want to show it off, drop me an email at ed@rachner.us and I'll forward your email to him. Thanks.
  13. Tex, I should have mine ready to install shortly. You can check them for fit if you need to. I won't be able to mount on the Brat for a week or two for reasons unrelated to the adapters.
  14. You must have newer hubs. But it wasn't a problem. I let them soak for 2 hours with some Yield and the press took them out much more easily now. Somehow I wasn't comfortable with the BFH.
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