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Adding a Momo Steering Wheel to your Gen 2

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I've been wanting to replace my futuristic el-strange-o steering wheel in my '84 Brat. I wanted a Momo because they are leather covered and are also flat with no dish to the wheel. Grant wheels are plastic covered and have a dish to them. I'm 6'2" and don't want the wheel any closer to me, the hub adapter is going to take up space so I want the wheel kept preferably in the stock location. I picked up the Momo wheel model (Race) I liked from Ebay for $70 (retails $220) in nearly perfect shape with the horn and horn retaining ring. Momo no longer makes hub adapters for us Gen 2 folks so you either have to wait for a used one to pop up or do what I did and go online and order a Grant hub adapter (model #6596 $37.99) and a Grant's Momo to Grant adapter plate(model #4009 $18.99) the kits contain 99.95% of the hardware you will need and follow the "two wire" instructions from Grant. I ordered from www.performancecenter.com for these prices. Some of the pics are a bit out of focus but you will get the idea. If the pics don't show, you may have to be registered and logged in with the USMB.



I made sure my steering wheel was straight when I pulled into the garage, disconnect the neg terminal of your battery, pull your horn cover off and put a mark on the steering shaft to locate the top when the wheel is straight. Lock your steering wheel like you are parking the car and remove the 17mm nut, then wiggle the wheel off the steering shaft. Mine came off the shaft fairly easily. Here is a pic with the horn cover off:






The Grant hub adapter has the top arrow marking as well so slide it over the splines of the steering shaft as near to your mark on the shaft, you may have to try couple of different splines to get it to match up as good as possible and then reinstall your 17mm nut. Here is the pic of the Grant adapter mounted:






Here is a hub comparison pic, on the one on the left they are trying to prevent you from drilling and tapping your own pattern. But on the Grant hub I could drill and tap it for the Momo wheel and not use Grant's Momo to Grant adapter plate if I wanted.





Here is a pic of the adapter plate mounted on the hub, it also has the top arrow to line up:









Slide the provided plastic boot over the hub assembly,then put your horn button into the horn retaining ring and put it into your Momo wheel. Attach the white horn wire to the center spade on the back of the horn button. Then you must supply a short length of wire with a spade terminal on one end to attach to the outer terminal on the horn button and then I just stripped a short bit of the insulation off the other end, so when I put the wheel on the hub assembly the bare bit of exposed wire would get sandwiched between them. Mount the wheel with supplied allen head screws and the tranformation is done. Connect your battery and test your horn. If your wheel is a bit off from dead center an alignment shop can adjust the tie rods to correct it.


Finished look from my eye level and normal driving position:





The adapter plate makes the steering wheel 1/2" closer than normal, still easy to reach the turn signal stalk but it is noticeable. I don't know if I'll keep it this way or I will take it apart and drill and tap the Grant hub so I can delete the adapter plate. The Momo wheel is thick and very sporty feeling. Steering is a bit heavier parking since I don't have power steering, this Momo wheel is a smaller diameter than the stock wheel. It doesn't block my view of the tach and speedo in my normal driving position either. Two words for you "leather gooooood". For a few more pics of the install see my album in the PHOTOS section---84SOOB






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