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[JDM] 1985 Leone GT Turbo (RX Turbo)

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you mean you want "Dog Transmission (that's what they call it in Japan)" I'm Legacy guy, so I asked my friend in Japan who owns WRX.



this is a website for "dog transmission". it's in Japanese, though.



He said that transmission costs way over $10,000. and suggested to swap to 6 speed gear for GDB impreza to save the cost.


Your thinking fast car. He wants a dual range 4wd ej transmission. We never got those. And in all honesty, if you can get the price right on those you could sell more of them here than you could cars.

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Year 1983 (this car is not subject to NHTSA restrictions since its 25 years old, so it is leagal to import)


Mileage; 89400 miles


Price $5000 ( including shipping, customs clearance from japan)





I have been working for a customs broker, KWE



KWE is the 2nd largest customs broker in Japan. I guess some of you heard the names Schenker, DHL etc.


I just thought it might be some interest to you to import this vehicle from Japan. What do you guys think??

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Here is another interesting listing from Japan.

1978 JDM Leone

26,000 miles. approx.


US$5000 including shipping, customs clearance from Japan.

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