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  1. It would be worth your while to acquire some new oem intake manifold gaskets and replace those first. The coolant flows through the intake manifold as a crossover between the heads. When the intake gasket blows, or is replaced with garbage aftermarket ones it will give symptoms just like a blown head gasket.
  2. Does the security light in the instrument cluster flash or stay on solid? Not sure if this is an XT model or not, if not it may not have the immobilizer system.
  3. 86BRATMAN

    1986 Brat electric door mirrors

    Not all turbo models had power mirrors. I have a set of manual turbo mirrors. The wiring is mostly there, but you'll need the wiring out of the door from a power mirror donor.
  4. I've used them on several dozen engines, Subaru and otherwise. If you have a problem with them you did something wrong.
  5. Put a Mahle gasket in one hand and an oem in the other. The only difference you'll find in them is the numbers printed on the upper corner.
  6. 86BRATMAN

    Sohc heads on a wrx engine

    The wrx crank gear is the same. You'll most likely have to fab up a mount for the coil and then see how long the boot needs to be. The 2010-2012 ej25 uses COP, the boots from them may be compatible with the wrx coils.
  7. 86BRATMAN

    Sohc heads on a wrx engine

    You'll need to use the 05+ sohc ej25 cam and crank timing gears to get the correct pattern, the 205 intake manifold will bolt to phase 2 sohc heads. You may be better off going with GM LS coil near plug setup and doing custom wires. You'd need to adjust the ignition dwell settings in the 205 ecu to keep from frying coils though.
  8. Your engine has avls, not avcs. The na ej valve timing system has jack to do with performance, only changes to a small cam lobe at idle and extremely low load to reduce emissions. Onto the heads. Yes, they will physically bolt onto the ej20 shortblock, the head gaskets are not the same between the two however. The head gasket is the same for all of the ej25 sohc engines from 00-09, not for all sohc ej's the world over. Itis also a bad idea to do those heads, which have a roughly 99mm wide combustion chamber, on an ej20 block with a 92mm bore. You'll have massive combustion chamber overhang which will be a prime place for hotspots causing pre-ignition, and very little cylinder wall for the head gasket to seal to.
  9. The carrier bearing is indeed different on the forester, the suspension lift is countered by a drivetrain drop or roughly one inch (25mm). Most models they can be changed out with for non lifted version, I can't say for sure on those though.
  10. Correct, the legacy/liberty driveshaft/tailshaft is a minimum of 5"/127mm longer than the impreza due to the difference in wheelbase.
  11. That's why I specifically used the 4eat impreza shaft. It's about 50mm shorter than the manual version.
  12. 86BRATMAN

    EJ to EA axles

    Company named Febest sell, or use to sell haven't looked in a long time, inner cv joints for the 1st gen legacy axles that will fit some ea shafts. I used them in my old hardtop conversion. They've been going strong for a few years now.
  13. You can use an 93-07 (gc/gm/gf/gd/gg) 4eat driveshaft, they're all virtually the same length. You may have to change the pinion flange to match the driveshaft depending on what rear diff you use.
  14. 86BRATMAN

    EA-81 Heads

    If he puts ea81t heads on an ea81 carb shortblock it will still have the same compression ratio as the carb longblock.