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  1. All of the dohc engines are valve to valve interference. This one in particular just isn't piston to valve interference.
  2. As far as using the longblock, it doesn't matter which the engine was originally used with.
  3. That's a 99-04 (possible 05, I can't remember which valve cover style they used) ej251 or ej253, through those years the longblock is identical. The difference is whether the ecu use a maf or map sensor for load calculations.
  4. To use the ej201/202/203 you simply swap over your original intake manifold, LH cam gear, and crankshaft timing gear. You'll also need the exhaust manifold from a dual port engine from 95-04, because your ej22 is single port.
  5. If I remembered my reasoning from over a decade ago I'd surely tell you.
  6. Ordered a pair from that site. Thanks.
  7. I used Subaru Online Parts, they're typically my go to. I've gotten several ea81 parts from them in the past. I never go by application for these parts lol, I've got scans of the old parts books. I'll try that site tomorrow.
  8. Tried to order online and says they're not available. If my local dealer wasn't worthless I'd call them with the part numbers and try.
  9. 86BRATMAN

    I've got EJ25 EGR question

    Use the egr intake manifold and either drill and tap the head to route the pipe into it like stock. Or cut the egr pipe and plumb it into a source of filtered air.
  10. 86BRATMAN

    Ea81T auto to manual help please

    Any Subaru 5mt will fit in the ea81 auto tunnel with the mounts fabbed up. I have an ej awd 5mt in mine with no clearance problems at all.
  11. 86BRATMAN

    Ea81T auto to manual help please

    Look at the retrofitting section, thread named Retrofitting FAQ. I linked some inner cv's that will work with aftermarket ea81 axles to give you a 25 spline axle. I've confirmed fitment on several aftermarket axles, oems are hit or miss because of the different shaft sizes used.
  12. 86BRATMAN

    Ea81T auto to manual help please

    If they were the bolt head would have held the flywheel in place. It's no different than hogging out the holes on the ea flywheel to fit an ej crank. Nobody uses any sort of sleeve or spacer for them. I first used an ea82 flywheel on an ea81 about 20 years ago, no sleeves or spacers and it continued to be just fine for the following 10 years before the body was too far gone to keep on the road. If you use an ea82 dual range trans like you were talking about you won't have to change the axles. ea82t transmissions will require 25 spline inner joints.
  13. 86BRATMAN

    Ea81T auto to manual help please

    I've never had a problem with running just the flywheel bolts. But I also don't play around when it comes to torque specs.