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  1. Harbor Freight yellow degreaser has worked really well for me in the past.
  2. ^^^ Tis true. 90-95 flat tappet follower with hla, 96 roller hla, 97/98 roller sla.
  3. Look those part numbers up on a subaru parts site and you'll see why they had most everything in stock.
  4. 86BRATMAN

    Melling EA82 oil pump?

    Ask this Advance employee and you'll get the right part if it's available lol. There is no such beast for the ea82 though.
  5. I've pulled the dash and heater box from several legacys of this lineage without disconnecting the evap core. It requires a bit of finesse to pull the ac lines just enough to give clearance for the box to come free.
  6. 86BRATMAN


    This was his last Facebook post on his personal page, from May 16th. Dear Friends, I don't know what is happening to the world, but there is something very Wrong, hiding underneath. I always believed that we come to this life with a heart, that is an empty Bag, which we should fill with precious moments, and wonderful memories; those are the only things that you will take with you, forever, even maybe to the other life; while everything else, material things, will never fill the emptiness of the bag on your heart. Trying to fill your heart's bag with material things, will only left you even more emtpy, not only on the spiritual plane... People seems to never realise that every day that they live, is a day less in their count of life; but it could be a day More, fulfilled with awesome memories, in their hearts. 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  7. 14035aa150 is the Subaru number for the manifold gasket you need.
  8. Mahle is typically oem for gaskets. Last I checked the proper gasket was still available from Subaru.
  9. 86BRATMAN

    EA81 Oil Pump

    I replied to your pm. It wouldn't let me attach pictures there for whatever reason so I'll load them here.
  10. All of the dohc engines are valve to valve interference. This one in particular just isn't piston to valve interference.
  11. As far as using the longblock, it doesn't matter which the engine was originally used with.
  12. That's a 99-04 (possible 05, I can't remember which valve cover style they used) ej251 or ej253, through those years the longblock is identical. The difference is whether the ecu use a maf or map sensor for load calculations.
  13. To use the ej201/202/203 you simply swap over your original intake manifold, LH cam gear, and crankshaft timing gear. You'll also need the exhaust manifold from a dual port engine from 95-04, because your ej22 is single port.