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  1. Not sure what you're on about. I've seen them used several times on later phase 1 heads.
  2. You have plastic exhaust gears. Your intake gears are steel/aluminum avcs gears.
  3. 86BRATMAN

    Engine swap for Brat.Doable?

    The 99 sohc ej20 @Steptoehas in his brumby has the exact same external dimensions as the sohc Ej25. @Ritchieasked to see a dohc engine in an ea81 bay so I posted it. Just because you can't see it happening doesn't mean it won't fit. The fact that it's been done several times would seem to definitively prove you wrong. Maybe you should get over it.
  4. 86BRATMAN

    Engine swap for Brat.Doable?

    This is the best I've got at the moment. I have pics of the clearance between the rails and timing covers on a old phone or laptop. Just a matter of finding them.
  5. 86BRATMAN

    Engine swap for Brat.Doable?

    The clearance problem for the dohc engines isn't at the valve covers, it's the timing covers. There was plenty of room between the back of the valve covers and the frame rails. While I haven't done one, it's also obvious you haven't either, but it has been done numerous times by the Australians. So there is plenty of evidence that it will fit.
  6. 86BRATMAN

    Engine swap for Brat.Doable?

    I've done dohc ej swaps in ea81 cars without cutting the rails. Any sohc fits fine.
  7. I'd wager that nothing happened with this build. But swapping phase 1 ej awd guts into an ea82 single range 4wd transmission case works. I did one behind the ea81t that was in my old hardtop for a while before I ej swapped it.
  8. ^^^ Correct. Only the early fwd non abs impreza uses the tiny brakes. You can use basically any knuckle you want, if you get ahold of an abs knuckle you will have to remove the tone ring from the hub for these rotors to slip on though.
  9. Early non abs fwd impreza caliper brackets and rotors with xt6 calipers on ej knuckles will give you front ebrake. I put more detailed info in the Retrofitting FAQ thread a couple years ago.
  10. Heaviest XT was the automatic awd xt6, it's curb weight was 2955...
  11. Harbor Freight yellow degreaser has worked really well for me in the past.
  12. ^^^ Tis true. 90-95 flat tappet follower with hla, 96 roller hla, 97/98 roller sla.
  13. Look those part numbers up on a subaru parts site and you'll see why they had most everything in stock.