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patrs transport-NM to KY (south/southeast)

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I will be heading back to KY from NM around the 15th of January. I'll be on I-40 from Albuquerque to Nashville then onto Lexington, KY area. If anyone needs anything transported, picked up, dropped off, etc let me know. If you are anywhere in the East or South and want to meet me in KY or somewhere half way once I get home we can work something out.


I'll make a list of names/phone #'s if I get several takers to keep it all straight...

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I'm planning on hitting the local "U Pull" JY that I found in Albuquerque before I go home. I'll write down what is there, try to snap some photos and post them up here for you all to see...that way, if anything intrests you we can work something out for me to pick it up and transport it.

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Went by the U Pull It Yard this am when I got off of work. I'll only be here in NM for about 2-3 more weeks then I will be heading home to KY. I am willing to do a parts transport along the way-whatever I can fit in the back of my Baja besides my stuff. First come, first served. I'd keep the receipts and charge what the part cost plus we could work out some kind of trade on the labor-parts, etc...


:banana:First item was a 1977 four door wagon...1600...with the engine and tranny intact. Back seat is good...back passenger door is dented-other doors decent with minor rust. Hatch was good.:clap:


One 1980 hatch. Color code 36 I believe. Yellowish color. I remember the passenger door was good, hatch good with glass, rear side windows good. I took the 3rd eye.


One 1986 white hatch. Took third eye. Taking passenger side door for Brat. Driver door with rust along bottom and one continuous hole.


Various L Series wagons and a few sedans.


There is one sedan 86 or 89 turbo. Blue. I got the disk brakes.


One turbo wagon an 86 or 89. I got the disk brakes. Great metallic green color. Minor rust.


Some outbacks, Imprezzas, as well.


Several Loyales...


I did not have my camera but will be taking it back with me later in the week so I could snap photos for those who want them.


All soobs are in various conditions...bodies are in general good due to the NM climate. I say that in relation to what I am used to since I am from KY. Glass is intact on some, majority seem to have had some NIMRODS go around and throw rims and various other enginge parts through the glass-many of the interiors would be great if it wasn't for that...


Post your requests or PM me. I'll do what I can...basically anywhere from NM to KY along I40 will be my route. I can meet to drop off or once I get back to KY would be able to meet within reason for surrounding states.


Oh and if any of you have access to a machine shop that can do a 6 lug conversion we could talk a trade....:headbang:

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Sorry everyone, I had to work an extra shift and did not get to go to the JY. I am off of work today and am heading to Harbor Freight first, then to the U Pull U Pay.


I am taking the camera, going to snap pics like mad...I'll post here later.


Also going to the other JY's here...there are at least 12 I counted on one road (I Love NM for that!) and ask about Pugs, brats, coupes, XT6....well, you get the pic....


I think I need to stay in NM for awhile longer...maybe I should extend my contract with work another 3 months and get a storage unit!:headbang::headbang:

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