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I am finally the proud new (to me) owner of a '99 Outback wagon! I have had it about 3 weeks now and I absolutly love it, but now comes the fun part - Customizing!

I was at my local 2004 Auto Expo the other day and was looking at the Subaru's (of course), I was excited to see that the WRX was equipped with a MOMO leather wrapped steering wheel with an airbag. I immediatly thought how cool that would be to have in my outback and have been on the search for one since then.

My question is: has anyone ever done one of these swaps? And is it even possible? The dealership here in town dosen't have a clue but some of the custom shops have told me the hubs are compatable but the plugs may not be. Any ideas? I would appreicate any help - Thanks! I'm also attaching photo's of the MOMO wheel for anyone who is interested.


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