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thinking about bringing the 91 Civic Si hatch out of retirement

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I am pondering bringing my 1991 Honda civic Si hatch out of retirement - storage. I bought it back in 2002? when it had 57,000 miles.

pretty much put it in storage since then, but did drive it from CO to IA and back to CO. then when I moved from CO to Iowa, it made the drive . I think the mileage is now about 67,000.


Since then its been in storage except when I had both legacy's down for transmission repairs and took it out a week back in 2007. I started the Civic last fall (2008)and drove it around the block, then back to the garage and cover on. the gas in the tank is now 2 or 3 years old from when i drove it the week in 2007. I plan to drain it out with the drain plug this weekend. And then put some fresh in it and start this sucker.


Its a B****tch to get the car out of my garage i have it parallel parked at the front of my 2 stalls. I have to jack up the rear and use the jack to maneuver the car out. Anyhow, I am thinking of driving it for a month or so this summer to keep the thing from dying.


The oil in it i think is still pretty fresh from 2005 or maybe 2007 will have to look at my records, but it cant have but 900 miles on the oil, but I may change it and the filter.


Gotta see how far i get with my Weber install to see if i can get it out of retirement this weekend or next.

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