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2002 forester EJ251>EJ22 swap

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Hello I'm Military serving in Germany, I'm new to this forum and I'm in need of advice If i could get an expert answer would be wonderful. My 2002 forester EJ251 with automatic transmission locked up.. I can also see a hole in the block on the side of the alternator, the problem here is the only available engines here in Germany are the EJ18, EJ20, EJ22 the EJ25 are really hard to find, not to many germans like the 2.5L here. Anyways I'm wanting to swap my 2002 EJ251 with another engine, I found an EJ22 from a 07/1994 subaru really cheap but i can also get my hands on a EJ20 from 1998 or 99


My questions are

1. will the EJ22 or EJ20 bolt up to the AT transmission of my 2002 forester? I

2. Do i need to swap my heads off the EJ25 and bolt them to the EJ22 or EJ20?

3. Will the exhaust and intake manifold fit on the 94 EJ22

4. Would it be an easier swap with an newer EJ20, the 2.0l are all over the place..


Any other suggestions would be appreciated..

I did a lot of reading on this forum ad you all cleared and answered a lot of questions already, but it seems like there is a lot of talk about older models EJ25 so I'm not sure about the newer EJ25.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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EJ engines went through significant changes around 2000, the SOHC stuff, so older stuff is not a good fit.


easiest swap is a 2000+ EJ22 (and probably an EJ20, but we don't have those here so i'm not familiar with them).


should not need to swap heads. buy EJ22 (or EJ20), drop motor into car, use your EJ25 intake manifold, bolt it up and you're golden. (in the older cars you can't swap intake manifolds because they are way different, in the US the later model manifolds are interchangeable - they should be there as well).


my guess is a 2000+ SOHC EJ engine (EJ22 or EJ20) should be a perfect fit for you. but i'm not sure how to tell you if the manifold is interchangeable like they are here - be nice if you had something simple to look for. spark plugs in the side of the valve covers like the EJ25's, that might be the ticket?


the only issue you'll run into is that you'll probably have to swap the EJ25 cam sprockets (just the timing gear) onto the new engine.

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Great info, so look for a 2000+ EJ20 or EJ22 and that should work with some minor modifications... will do that and for future reference I will take some side by side detailed pictures and post them to the forum.


Thanks a million

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right on, like i said I can't speak to Euro verses US differences, I'm only assuming they're very similar to what we see here and when/how changes are made.


careful observation/measurement could verify whether the intake manifolds will swap, that's the only definitive thing I can think of.

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