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  1. Ned P Pritchard

    engine build ea 82 carbed

    engine clearance and torque specs crank rods and heads?
  2. Ned P Pritchard

    cam case O rings

    where to find our good quality suitable replacements the small reinforced one for oil feed to cams
  3. Ned P Pritchard

    Anyone interested in EA-82 Parts?

    yes I can use a good ea- 82 crankshaft for a rebuild and a right hand front fender and that top carrier looks like I can use call 213-331-3141 my name is Ned Pritchard thanks a lot cool .
  4. Ned P Pritchard

    EA Series Bumpers

    any rear bumpers with tow hitches for a 86 4/4 GL wagon low cost please?
  5. Ned P Pritchard

    trailer hitch needed

    thanks alot any others please.
  6. Hitch for 86 GL 4/4 wagon . please leave information to contact .
  7. Hitch for 86 GL 4/4 wagon . please leave information to contact .
  8. Will IT fit the same dimension 225 mm.
  9. call to make shipping ? 714-929-9401. ask for Ned, I am in so cal,

  10. yes i have JUST the glass for the rear hatch

  11. Is the rear glass available for 1986 GL wagon

  12. any one still have a rear hatch or glass for a 86 gl wagon

  13. If you are still looking for the rear glass for your trunk i have a non cracked one (just the glass)

  14. Ned P Pritchard

    86 GL Wagon Hatch Glass

    any in so cal ?
  15. Any Ideas where or how to replace ? may be easier to replace the whole back hatch any Ideas apreciated.