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  1. Just in case I ever need to do it, what do you mean by «inners»?
  2. The regular temp gauge on my 96 Brighton - no connection to the ECU - is «buffered». The «normal» position of the gauge needle corresponds to a range of at least 20 degrees. I think «normal» corresponds to the range of temps between opening and closing of the thermostat.
  3. I had a burnt valve in cyl no 2 a couple of years ago. The guide had moved and was preventing the valve to close completely. The machine shop replaced the guide with a bronze one.
  4. Where is this other switch? Not on the clutch pedal itself on my car for sure. 96 Brighton.
  5. That's exactly what it is. When you push in the clutch you complete the path from the starter relay to the ground. That's why i think the OP clutch switch is not defective cause his car would'nt even start.
  6. There's only one switch on my clutch pedal stem. Brighton. No cruise control.
  7. Since the clutch starter defeat switch is ground for the starter relay, would'nt a bad switch prevent the car from starting ?
  8. Check this out. http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=76990
  9. 1) IT's normal for the lines not to be aligned after even one rev of the belt. 2) Is this your first belt change? What marks did you use on the pulleys, Not the arrows I hope. 3) If you tried starting the car without the crankshaft pulley on, how is the crankshat sprocket being held in place? It's been a while since my last belt change, but I thing the pulley is what is holding the sprocket in place. If this sproket is not exactely where it should be, it wont trigger the crankshaft position sensor and the car will not start. Hope this helps.
  10. Did you try thightening the bolts that hold them to the steering column and the rack? I had play in the steering and that was it. No clunk though. Just in case it's that simple. Good luck!
  11. Are you sure of that OB99? When I replaced the intake manifold (and all that comes with it) after having replaced an exhaust valve, I misconnected the oil pressure sender wire and the light was coming on when the wire was off the connection. 96 Legacy also.
  12. I put muffler repair cement in there and it last's more than a year. Repeat until not possible anymore...
  13. I think your son might have gone on spring break in more ways than one. Sorry, could'nt resist
  14. Brightons seem to come in different versions. Mine, a 96 still driving strong, had no tach (installed one), no AC but a rear wiper. I actually like the manual crank side windows and dont miss the AC.